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HackTheBox UNI CTF 2020

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I joined the HackTheBox UNI CTF 2020 together with 9 other students. Ron (a teacher) asked if I wanted to join the Fontys FHICT team.
I like to join a CTF once in a while, so I told him I would like to join the team.

During the CTF we used a discord group to keep track of all the challenges. This was very useful so that other students could help easily.

I solved a FORENSICS challenge (KapKan an infected file) without any help. I also worked a lot with fellow students to solve the challenges. The ctf was available between 20-11-2020 13:00 and 22-11-2020

Write up

The writeup of the CTF is found in the document below.

Download the write up

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Ibrahim Durmus
Ibrahim Durmus
Cyber Security Student