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Learning Plan

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Semester 7, Minor Cybersecurity, a semester where I am very exited about. The freedom, the learning goals, cool findings and working with working security enthusiasts is something where I was looking forward to. For me personally, the goal at the end of this semester is to get a outstanding as a grade.

On this website I will post articles to demonstrate and a proof my learning goals.

Learning objectives

By doing my last internship as a blue teamer at an SOC, I want to widen my knowledge of the offensive side of cyber security. Therefore I will attend the lessons of Tom Broumels and I will be working on the question asked on canvas.

How to become a professional and skilled Red Teamer?

At the end of the semester I will acquire the ability to answer this question.

At first I will be working on the Exercises and challenges on the canvas page Red Teaming learning activities, assignments and challenges.

My personal goal is to complete some HackTheBox challenges, but also participate in serveral public Capture The Flag challenges, with of course the goal to win as a team. Besides that, I would like to dive deeper in different subjects.

Learning objectives

Interesting subjects

  • Forensics
    • Treath hunting
  • Data exfill - DNS
  • Spoofing call server for voip spoofing
  • USB
    • Fuzzing
  • Reversseing android apps
  • Bypassing Antivirus Software
  • Preparing for OSCP

Leerdoelen -

Personal Learning objectives

• Reporting a responsible disclosure notification at a government organisation.
• Finding out what the right possibilities are for me after my graduation (work - studying e.g. os3)
• Improving my english writing skills 🇬🇧


From the minor a number of workshops will be organized. I want to at least participate in the following workshops:

  • 15-09-2020 Digital forensics workshop by Peter Hoogenberg
  • 12-10-2020 Reverse Engineering guest lecture and demo by Max ‘Libra’ Kersten
  • 12-10-2020 Q&A Voorlichting Afstuderen ICT & SW (VT)
  • 24-11-2020 Research workshop - Transferability & Validation
  • 07-12-2020 Red teaming guest lecture by EY
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Ibrahim Durmus
Ibrahim Durmus
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