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Week 2 | 05-09-2020 [Stefan]

  • Good base to start
  • Add the Must and Should haves from your specialization red teaming
  • Merging learning goals

Week 3 | 15-09-2020 [Martin]

Describe how the learning outcomes relate to your future
Mention the things you do outside of school
Describe how you built up your network of people outside the school

*Story about creditcard and dating scammers
*Gained insight into the various possibilities in cyber security

Week 5 | 28-09-2020 [Stefan & Tom]

Discussed the structre of the learning plan
Assignment for a pen testing company for a partner in education discussed

Week 9 | 02-11-2020 [Stefan]

Together with Rens and Stefan progress discussed via teams 14:00
discussed what to do for an outstanding
well on the way, make a (video) presentation for the Feedback & feed forward session
Stefan will focus on the technical skills

Week 9 | 03-11-2020 [Martin]

  • Tips about the Feedback & feed forward session (half way)

  • Martin will assess Learning outcome 3
    “Learning outcome 3: Research and development skills
    In a complex innovation oriented project setting, you show a methodical approach to research and development, technical R&D skills, and project collaboration and communication skills.”

  • Describe the cooperation in te project group

  • Upload your project research (see canvas)

Week 12 | 23-11-2020 [stefan]

  • Assessment for an outstanding discussed with other students.

Week 12 | 24-11-2020 [Martin]

demonstrate learning objectives in a separate page
Other research plan
read english and disk tips

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Ibrahim Durmus
Ibrahim Durmus
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